Introduction: Refurbish Your Old Garden Chairs

With the plasticiser evaporating out of my old (plastic) wattle work chairs the UV radiation finished the job.

I needed new garden chairs. I saw that the aluminium frame was still 100% intact. So I started to think on how to reuse the chair.

Step 1: Remove the Old Wattle Work and Replace It With Wood

First I took off the old wattle work. I started with various ideas – one with wooden laths. I just used special electric clamps to add the laths to the metal. I didn't want to compromise the metal structure by drilling holes in it!

Step 2: New Wattle Work With Security Belts

The second idea was to use security belts and come up with my own wattle work.

In order to weave in the security belts I startet with tree parallel belts that I riveted onto the aluminium frame. Make sure that you use at least three to four rivets per fixation so that the weight is not tearing it apart. Also make sure that the fixation is not directly in the tensile force but 270 degrees turned so that the belt lying on the frame is taking most of the force. How many parallel strains you add is up to you. The tighter you want to weave the more parallel strains you need.

There are thousands of possibilities. You will find your own way...

Step 3: Make It With Water Hoses

This one is easy done and it will last for years - even when exposed to heavy weather conditions...

Step 4: Do It With Old Used or Untested Climbing Ropes

This is really nice craftsmanship to do. You will soon reach a meditative state while weavering the rope.

Have Fun. Gregor Gisler

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