Introduction: Refurbished Rustic Bench

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Hello fellow builders. This is a instructable on how to repair a bench that has weathered wood with brand new wood planks and new bolts. This actually took a good amount of time and took getting some new tools in order to complete so help out by clicking on the vote button

Step 1: Materials

3/8 and 1/4 drill bit

1/2 spade bit

Nine-2 inch hex head bolts 1/4 inch diameter

6-2 inch flat head bolts 1/4 inch diameter

15-nuts 1/4 inch diameter

15 washers

Drill and saws

10 foot 1 by 4 (I used pine)

Original metal legs.

Step 2: Taking Off the Old Wood

The bench had multiple bolts holding the wood together. many of them where easy enough to unscrew but many of them had to have pliers and wrenches and some elbow grease.the center piece was also difficult and i actually had to cut the wood off the bolt in order to get the rest of it taken apart

Step 3: Dimensions of the Boards

Based off the initial dimensions of the old bench I based my new bench off them and came up with needing three1 by 4 by 30 inch long boards and two 1 by 4 by 10 inch cross boards with 1/4 inch in between each board (boards were a little less than 1 by four). I used a compact miter saw to make sure to make precise cuts (account for kerf)

Step 4: Drilling Holes

The old bench had some metal angles with holes already in it so i had to make sure my holes lined up to it well. All my measurements were then written onto the wood and double measured to make sure it was correct. Once i was sure of everything i drilled the holes with a 1/4 inch drill bit all the way through.

Step 5: Countersinking

every single one of these bolts would not lay flush to the boards, which made some problems with the layout. So i measured the bolt heads and got a larger drill bit (3/4 for the six bolts on the top and 1/2 spade for all the hex head bolts) and drilled a third to halfway through the wood in order for the bolts to be flat with the wood.

Step 6: Putting It Together

I had all the bolts in through the wood already so all i needed to do was add the washers and nuts to secure the wood together. Next was the angles and getting them secure the same way. the actual legs had to have the bolt go all the way through them and needed to be bolted as tight as possible in order to minimize sway. Once you get both sides done there was a structural support beam that led to the dead center of the middle board where a bolt was already drilled and countersunk in to be attached to.

Step 7: Final Steps

All that was to be done then was take a seat down on it to see how it felt and find a nice spot to put it in the backyard. Hope this gives some helpful tips on fixing your own home furniture remember to vote for me on contests!

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