Reindeer Moving: an Easy Decoration




Introduction: Reindeer Moving: an Easy Decoration

What you need:
- a sheet of brown cardboard
- 2 markers: black and red
- 1 string
- scissors
- 1 paper perforator (or any tool to make a hole)

Ready? Go!

Step 1: Draw

Draw the three main elements:
- the reindeer's snout
- the reindeer's belly
- the reindeer's backside with legs

Important: each element must have an upper part that stands out from the shapes (a small circle on top).

Step 2: Cut

Cut out the three shapes.

Don't worry if you don't cut the shapes perfectly, imperfections make your work authentic!

Step 3: Overlap

Overlap the three parts of the reindeer.
It is important to align the parts on top.

Step 4: Hole

Create a hole using the perforator in the upper part.

(No animals were harmed during the making of this tutorial)

Step 5: Final Touch

Put a string through the hole, make a small knot at the end.

Feel free to decorate the reindeer as you like.

Step 6: Hang Up

Now your reindeer is ready to be hung wherever you want to create a happy atmosphere.
Using the same technique you could create other moving decorations: a bell, some elves or even Santa Claus.

Wish you all a happy holiday! <3

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