Introduction: Remembrance Day Sugar Center Piece

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Made this especially for the Sugar challenge and was really aiming to post up today, on the exact Remembrance Day. All edible except the cake stand :)

On this Poppy Day/Armistice Day, I thank you Veterans.

Step 1: Ingredients

In a bowl, mix 4 c icing sugar and 1/2 c cornstarch with a pinch of cream of tartar

Bloom 1 envelop of gelatin in 1/3 c water. Let stand for 5 minutes then heat on microwave for 30 seconds, stir, then pour the liquid into dry ingredients, mix with wooden spoon

Knead mixture until smooth then wrap with plastic cling wrap and store in tupperware or similar container.

Let rest for a couple of hours or overnight

Step 2: Materials

Hard paper



Rolling pin

Vegetable spray

Knife or pizza cutter

Cookie cutter for flower

Plan ahead of what you want to make. I was thinking of a cross, a soldier silhouette and tons of poppies.

On hard cover I drew what I wanted to make, cut them so that I could use them as pattern to trace on my sugar

Step 3: Drying Sugar

Once sugar medium is rested, cut into portions. While working on one, cover the rest so they won't dry.

Roll one portion and lay your pattern on it, cut with knife or pizza cutter, or with flower cutter as shown.

Lay them on tray or whatever flat and let them dry over night.

As for the flowers, shape them if you wish, on cups, on spoons, so they are not all flat flowers, but have different styles.

Step 4: Coloring

You can color the sugar while making in the beginning steps, but it is much easier to paint them when you know you will need different colors of sugar medium.

You will need:

Food colors either liquid or gel and paint brush (food safe ones).

If you decide to use gel food coloring, you will need clear vodka or water to dilute it a little.

Start coloring those babies :) Red for the poppies, black for the silhouette and green plus orange for my extra decorations.

Step 5: Assembling

To assemble this sugar medium (oh it is also called pastillage btw), you will need royal icing or melted chocolate as the glue.

Have fun creating~

NOTE: This can be table center piece as is for a party/gathering or can be placed on a cake as cake topper OR to be made for just because :)

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