Introduction: Remixed Paper Spiral Star

Yesterday I published instructions how to make an impressive-looking but incredibly simple paper spiral decoration. They look really cool! But you can also use them as modules to create paper star decorations that are large, fancy and look extremely intricate - but are just as simple to make as the spirals. They would look amazing as wedding decorations (you can make them in any paper you please to co-ordinate with your decor or colour scheme) but they would look just as impressive as a Christmas decoration or just as home decor. They are quick and easy to make, use very little in the way of materials or tools, but have a real wow factor that will have people thinking you have spent hours slaving away on them!

These stars can be as large or as small as you like. If you use 8-inch sheets to create your spirals, as I did in the original instructable, you will end up with a star that measures an impressive 22 inches from tip to tip!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

  • Six paper spirals from the original instructions here
  • Needle and thread
  • Stapler or glue and paperclips

That is all!

Step 2: Join the Tips of the Spirals

First you need to join the tips of each spiral together using a needle and thread to stitch them together. This is preferable to gluing or stapling as both of those require too much of the points to be in contact with one another, and this can spoil the form of your star. I used metallic silver thread that matched my iridescent silver paper, but don't worry too much if you can't find matching thread - it will be barely noticeable once the star is complete, especially once it is hanging up.

Start by making one stitch at the tip of the one decoration, securing the tail of the thread under the stitch. You can add a dab of glue for extra stability if you wish. Then carefully thread through the tip of each spiral in turn. Make sure that all of the spirals face the same way - that is, that the longest piece of each decoration is facing to the left, or all to the right. If they are thread on facing one another or in a jumble the star won't look as good.

Step 3: Pull the Thread Tight

Once all six are threaded on, pull the thread as tight as you can without damaging or ripping any of the spirals - you want it to be tight enough to form a nice star shape, but not so tight that you rip any of the holes. Once you have done that, the star will take shape. Secure by making another stitch, threading the tail under the stitch, then cut away any excess thread. Secure with a dab of glue if you wish. Don't try to pick your star up at this stage!

Step 4: Joining the Star (stapling Method)

The star looks lovely laid down... but if you try to pick it up, all you will end up with is a load of spirals dangling from a central point. To create the star shape, we need to secure all of the spirals together.

If your spirals are large enough (for instance, if you used 8 inch squares to create your spirals as in the original tutorial) I recommend stapling as the quickest and easiest way to secure your star. Join the widest points of each star to the widest point adjacent - please see the image for placement. One staple at each point is fine.

Step 5: Joining the Star (gluing Method)

If your stars are too small and intricate to staple, you are worried about having visible staples, or just don't own a stapler, you can glue the points instead. You will need to secure each gluing point with a paperclip while it dries, as one all six are glued the force on each point will pull them apart if the glue is not yet dry. As with the stapler method, simply attach each widest point to the widest point of the adjacent spiral, using the image above as a guide.

Step 6: Your Finished Star!

Once you have done that, your star is complete! Simply stitch or staple your choice of stringing material to the tip of one point, and you are done! I hope that you like this project, I love to make these and they look so much more complicated than they actually are. Thanks for reading!

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