Introduction: Removing Vehicle Seat Stains


Do you have messy kids that are ruining the seats in your car? Are you really messy?

In my case, I get really dirty at my job and hop in my truck everyday. Over time, my truck seat ends up filthy. I hate seat covers and would rather just clean my seats every few months.

Here is an easy, almost magical way to remove stains from your vehicle seats.

Step 1: Tools

  • Light Color Rag (Preferably white)
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Upholstery cleaner (Tuff Stuff)

Note: The reason we use a light rag is because it makes it easier for us to see how much dirt we are bringing up. This also helps us rotate the rag to new, clean spots so we aren't embedding dirt into the upholstery.

You can use a different upholstery cleaner, but for best results I really recommend "Tuff Stuff". It seriously does wonders and is one of the cheapest cleaners on the shelf.

Step 2: Spray Cleaner

  • Spray Upholstery Cleaner
  • Let Sit For 5 Minutes

Note: Be sure to let the foam sit for at least 5 minutes so it can do its magic on the dirt. Don't let it sit for a long time (like 30 minutes) because it may begin to dry. You can always reapply a second time.

Step 3: Scrub and Scrub

  • Using your soft bristle brush, scrub the seat in a circular motion. Emphasis your scrubbing on the stained spots. (You should see the foam turning to a dirty color.)
  • With your rag, begin to scrub your seat. You should see your rag becoming dirty. Every so often, change the area of the rag you are scrubbing with to a clean spot.
  • Keep scrubbing until your rag doesn't change color.
  • Inspect your seat for stains and reapply cleaner if needed.

Step 4: Let Dry, Enjoy!

  • Let your seat dry for a couple hours
  • Be amazed at your like-new seats!


Yes, I know I still have a little coffee stain ;). Darn little thing.