Renew Motorcycle Winter Gloves

Introduction: Renew Motorcycle Winter Gloves

Riding a bike in the winter require good gloves.
So these gloves worked grate for a few years and last year watte resistance fail totaly.
I bought new ones but it was hard to give up the old ones.
So i decided to renew them.


Old winter gloves
Fabric (very sharp) Scissors
Thick nitrile (?) Gloves
Strong sawing maching or a friend with one :')

Step 1: Cut and Open

We need to open the bottom end of the glove in order to remove the inside.

Step 2: Take It Out!

Pull the lining inside glove out stringly and slowly it might be glued to the outside.

Step 3: Clean the Old

Now you can see the old and worn out water resist lining.
Take it off and give it a good clean, and also from the inside of the "shell".

Step 4: In and in We Go

Put the lining on your hand
Pull the nitrile glove over the lining
Pull the shell over the nitrile glove

Step 5: Saw and Close

Cut and saw the bottom end
Have fun ;')

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