Introduction: Repair Broken Plastic Tool Holder

Howdy Yall. This is my first instructable. BTW my wife hates this site but loves P.......est. That which shall not be spoken. Hahaha. Just kidding. Bows and ribbon and mary poppins. Sorry i do that run off on tangents. I call it running down the rabbit hole.

Step 1: Wishful Thinking.

Have you ever bought a toolset in one of the plastic blown cases and think man i will be organized. Then years go on an the lid lock just falls right off. Here is my cure for that very conundrum

Step 2: Keep Hittin It.

well this may be simple and may have been done before. But there i was one day with my little 1/4 inch socket (that used to have "bailing, tie or hay" wire depending on "wer' you frum" holding it like it was a present. When a bolt just happened to land in the middle and pointing up. I said well that looks like it ought to be there. Well the rest is TEXAS history.

Step 3: This Is How We Do It.

Well pretty simple. Find where you can put a hole with a bolt in it. Screw it. And Voila.

Hope you enjoyed this. This was my first 'able with hopefully more to come. If i dont get ran off in shame. Please vote for me in the First timers. And as always Remember the Alamo.

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