Introduction: Replace Car Wing Mirror DIY on Fiat Panda. Save Up to 100€

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You can see how to replace the car side driver mirror yourself for a Fiat Panda. First, we dismount the broken mirror, then we install the new mirror and finally we shoot the damage mirror.

It is very easy, save money, you only need a screwdriver, the replacement part (15-30€) and 10 minutes.

Step 1: Remove Plastic Cover

Remove the plastic cover from the ajustmen bar

Step 2: Unscrew From the Mirror Ajustment Bar

Unscrew the nut from the mirror ajustment bar

Step 3: Remove the Panel With

Use a screwdriver to remove the mirror panel

Step 4: Use an Screwdriver to Remove the Plastic Nut

Use an screwdriver to remove the plastic nut. Finish the work rotation with the fingers

Step 5: Remove the Broken Mirror

Remove the broken mirror

Step 6: Place the New Mirror and Insert the Plastic Nut

Place the new mirror and insert the plastic nut and screw it

Step 7: Insert and Fix the Panel

Insert and fix the panel

Step 8: Screw the Metal Nut and Tight It With the Screwdriver

Screw the metal nut and tight it with the screwdriver

Step 9: Put Back the Plastic Cover to the Adjustment Bar

Put back the plastic cover to the adjustment bar