Introduction: Replace Wildernest Latches

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Over 30+ years the latches on my Wildernest Truck Camper started to die. Finally last week the lock loop popped off.

This is how I replaced the old worn out latches with Brand New high-quality latches from Amazon.

Latches available Here:

Step 1: Drill Out All the Rivets

Since this is a direct replacement all you need is the correct drillbit.

WARNING: the factory rivets have steel stems. this made drilling them out particularly tricky. take your time and use a punch to drive the stem in if you get off center.

I broke one drill bit when i was doing this because I didn't realise the rivet stems were steel.

Step 2: Compare Your Pieces

I double checked that all the holes on the old pieces lined up with the new ones.

Step 3: Rivet on the New Latches

I used Aluminum stem rivets from Harbor Freight and I also used this rivet gun.

This Rivet gun sucks but with a little oil it works okay for this Job.

you can buy the rivet gun here:

Step 4: All Done!

This whole replacement Job took me about 20 minutes and Boy am I impressed with the quality of the new latches!!!

The second photo here is the packaging that the new latches came in!

I am going to go back and put a little dab of siliconcarne in each of the rivet holes just to make sure they dont leak but that's about it!