Replace a Broken Engine Thermostat



Introduction: Replace a Broken Engine Thermostat

Follow along as I walk you through the basics of changing the thermostat in your vehicle! Please keep in mind this is a how to guide, not a certified repair process. I assume no liability for damage to your vehicle as a result of this instructable.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Supplies

For most thermostat replacements, you will need the following:

> Replacement Antifreeze( consult your owners manual for chemistry and capacity)

> Pliers

> Flat Head Screwdriver

> Combo Box Wrench

> Ratchet with Appropriate Sized Socket (optional)

> Replacement Thermostat

Step 2: Remove Air Intake

Using your flat head screwdriver, loosen the hose clamps that hold the air intake tubes tightly to the air box, and the intake manifold. This will give you better access to reach your thermostat.

Step 3: Locate Thermostat

It's time to take a look around your engine bay, presuming you've already opened the hood and propped it safely . Find your housing, in my case, it was top of the intake at the very front of the motor. Once you've located the housing it will be time to remove it. I use Vice grips when working with these types of hose clamps, mostly because it allows me to increase the tension on the spring and open it up further. You may choose to use and type of plier that will grab the clamp. I would recommend that you add a remote cable operated spring clamp plier if you like adding tools to your collection, as it will be great for completing this task. Once you open up the clamp, keep pressure on it and slide it back down your radiator hose so that the radiator hose is free to disengage from the thermostat housing.

Step 4: Remove Thermostat Housing

Now that you have removed the hose connecting your radiator to the thermostat housing you will need to get the housing off so you can replace the thermostat. Using your combo box wrench loosen the bolts that hold the housing in place. Once you've removed the bolts pull the housing free and expose the old thermostat which resides below.

Step 5: Remove Old Thermostat

Using the flat head screwdriver, carefully pry out the old thermostat. With the old thermostat removed place the new thermostat in and reinstall the housing and tubs in the opposite manner in which you removed them. When all the plumbing is reconnected refill your antifreeze to the appropriate fill level. Take your vehicle for a test run and treat yourself to a nice dinner for saving the labor you'd have paid a mechanic to complete this simple job!

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