Introduction: Replace the Screen on BObsweep Standard

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Refer to the video or multimedia walk through if you need to repair the LCD screen and cover buttons on your bObsweep Standard model. The steps for screen repair differ when working on a bObsweep Pethair.

Step 1: Remove Bob's Main Brush and Cover Screws

Flip Bob over and remove the 7 screws around which hold the cover together.

There are two screw holes inside the brush compartment: one in the centre, one on the left end. Remove both and keep aside for reassembly.

There are five more screws around bObsweep's edges. Two are installed at the top and bottom, and one on the right end of the main brush.

Remove the main brush. Unscrew the holder, and lift the brush out. Keep this screw separate from the others.

Note:Depending on your model, there may be only 6 screws installed on bObsweep.

Step 2: Detach the Cover Circuit Plugs

Flip bOb back over so you can see the screen. Lift the cover up to reveal bObsweep’s main board and Detach the power inlet from the cover. Grip and slide it out.

Remove three circuit plugs from the motherboard. Pinch the small white tab on the side of each circuit plug and pull straight up to release each from the motherboard.

1. On the bottom left corner: a small connector with red, black and white wires.

2. One thick white wire that attaches on the right side of the previous connector.

3. On the top edge of bOb’s motherboard: a wide multicoloured connector.

Step 3: Separate the Screen and All Its Parts

Bobsweep Standard has a circular screen that is held onto the cover by five screws. Remove these to lift all pieces of the screen out. They are:

  1. LCD screen
  2. An infrared sensor on top of the screen which will easily pop out after removal
  3. Three springs
  4. Silver cover plate for bOb’s buttons.

Step 4: Place Parts in Correct Order on BObsweep

Once you’ve removed all the pieces, you can replace them in the following order:

The Infrared sensor should go in with the black side on bOb’s outside. (Highlighted Blue)

The button cover goes into the space on the cover.

The three springs sit on top of the cover, on the spring holders between the plus signs. (Highlighted Pink)

Step 5: Lay the Replacement Screen Down and Secure to BObsweep

Finally the LCD display goes on top of the springs, facing down. Make sure to line up the holes in the screen with the screw posts on bOb’s cover.

Install all 5 screws to hold the screen and Infrared sensor in place.

Step 6: Attach the Cover Circuit Plugs

Slide the power inlet back into the space on bObsweep’s cover.

Attach the widest circuit plug with multicoloured wires, on the top right edge of the motherboard.

Attach the smallest circuit plug in the lower left corner of the motherboard.

Attach the all white circuit plug to the bottom of the motherboard, in the centre of the row.

Put bObsweep's top back on, and align the edges precisely.

Step 7: Replace the Cover

Use a phillips head screwdriver to reinstall the screws you removed to the start this repair, so the cover is sealed together.

There are five along the edges of bObsweep's underside.

Plus one or two more in the screw holes inside the brush compartment.

Note: Depending on your bObsweep model, there may be only one screw in the brush compartment.

Step 8: Install the Main Brush

Re-install the main brush before setting bObsweep to clean again.

  1. Attach the end piece first.
  2. Put the square end in the square space inside bObsweep, then lower the brush in place.
  3. Install the screw securely.