Introduction: Replace the Spark Plug in an Italjet Velocifeo

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This instructable shows you how to replace a spark plug in an italjet velocifero.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Spark Plug Wrench
Spark Plug Gapping Tool

Spark Plug either:
-Champion L-78C
Anti Sieze

Step 2: Access

The spark plug can be found in the under seat storage compartment, underneath the bottom velcro flap.

Step 3: Flip Off the Cap

The spark plug is located underneat the rubber cap right under the flap, pull the rubber cap off and use a spark plug socket to remove the plug.

This is just a look at the old dirty plug, and the new shiny one. You may have to unscrew that thing on the top of the plug so it will fit into the plug, but its obvious if you need too.

Step 4: Gap

Then you need to gap the plug. My manual says between .5 and .6mm .

Step 5: Insert

You may want to coat the threads of the plug with anti-sieze, I would, but it is optional

Screw the plug bag into the cylinder. Hand tighten it down, then turn it about 1/16th of a turn with the wrench.

Put the spark plug cap on it. And see if she starts!