Introduction: Replacement Headphone Covers

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I have a perfectly usable good headphones but worn out foam covers and no replacements in the store to be found. What to do? What to do?
You don’t just want to throw out perfectly still usable headphones and God forbid replace them with those hideous ear buds, so there fore you make some replacements your self. Difficulty is medium to a bit fidgety in making these.
Not for young children and impatient adults. They would probably get frustrated anyhow.

What you’ll need:
Some scraps of soft material any colour, some thread to sew with, a needle, an elastic (the kinds you use for clothing), some kinds of foam (I recommend the kind you use for air filtering is best), scissors, measuring tape, pins and of course the headphones.

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting

With your measuring tape, start by measuring the length of the material to be used on the outside part of the circle on the headphones. These will be your long piece shapes. I used some pretty average colour choices for my material but you can be as complicated as you like. Then add a width of say half an inch to an inch depending how wide your headphones are to the strip of material you are preparing.
Make two of these.
Then measure out two circles of material approximately the same width as they are on the headphones.
Before you cut those shapes out you just made, make sure you leave at least 1 half inch of seam allowance all around your shapes. This is important for sewing together.

Also, measure and cut two circles of the foam, like you made earlier at the same size as the ones made out of material. Then measure out two pieces of elastic the same length as the strips of material. Make a little seam on those things as well.

Step 2: Pin Those Shapes

You can start by loosely pining the elastics to the long pieces of materials making sure that you give those elastics the slack it needs to be stretched. Tip; you may have to stretch the elastic on to the material and pin it loosely. I pined them just below one of the seam lines.  Make sure you pin the elastic on the opposite sides or the ugly sides of the materials since your sewing these covers inside out.
Pair and pin those circles of materials and foam together as well on there ugly sides on to the seams.  

Step 3: Sew Those Shapes

Sew up those pinned long pieces so that the elastic doesn’t come off.
Remove pins
Then fold over, pin and then sew the seam making sure it now covers the elastic. Don’t sew on to where the elastic is or it won’t be as stretchy.
Also sew up those pined circles to their foam pieces.
Remove pins.

Step 4: Pin Those Things Together

Pin the circle pieces to the long material pieces on their seams. This is a tricky part. Remember to assemble these on the ugly side.
Please note; that in the process of putting these together I realized that my long pieces were not long enough so I had to cut new long pieces and that’s why these long pieces are blue.

Step 5: Sew It Up and Wrap It Up

Carefully sew up the pinned pieces, remove pins and turn the now finished headphone covers right side out.

Step 6: Try Them Out

Put the covers on and try out your newly fixed up headphones.
Decorate them if desired.