Introduction: Replacing Fuel Injectors (Hyundai Trajet)

Here is a 2000 manufactured vehicle that has lousy fuel economy. Changing the injectors will help improve this issue.

Step 1: Removing the Fuel Rail and Oem Injectors.

The fuel rail is held by two 12mm bolts. The vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator and the connectors to the injectors needs to be disconnected.

There is no need to remove the fuel lines. The entire rail with injectors can easily be lifted out for access to the injectors. Each injector has a metal clip that can be pried out once the entire rail is removed.

Step 2: Comparing the Old and New.

Besides the difference in color, they are identical.

Step 3: Installing and Completion.

I carefully installed each injector and reinstated the fuel rail.

I had crank the engine 3 times before it fired up properly.