Introduction: Repurpose Plastic Bottles Into a Surfboard

For you, chasing tides.

If saltwater and sand are on your mind.

The endless, breaking waves an elixir.

If you've ever wanted to build a surfboard..

I give you: a creative way to repurpose empty water bottles and build a small reminder of the sea.

The board is 3 ft x 10 in. and inspired by the form of the water bottle. Fit for a costume prop - and scalable.

Materials needed: 30 empty water bottles, hot glue gun and glue sticks, acrylic paint (colors up to you), 4 packages of shelf liner, 1 roll of clear masking tape, 1 package (about 2 yards) of felt, 1/3 container of Modge Podge

Step 1: Fold Shelf Liner to Build Surf Board Core

Fold shelf liner repeatedly until you reach the desired width and thickness.

With each fold, pull the material tight and hot glue.

Step 2: Deconstruct Water Bottles

Remove bottle labels and lids.

Remove the bottom two inches of the bottle.

Remove the top two inches of the bottle.

Cut each remaining mid section of the bottle in two vertically.

This is the form you will utilize.

Step 3: Fashion Tip of Surfboard

Use remaining shelf liner to fashion the point of the surfboard - with the continued use of hot glue.

Step 4: Build Out Shape With Felt

Add strips of felt to either side of the board (attaching with clear duct tape) to round out the sides of the board.

If desired, cut fins from the felt. Attached to the bottom of the board with hot glue and and cover in clear tape.

Step 5: Wrap Board in Clear Tape and Paint Base Layer

Wrap the board and newly attached felt tightly from side to side with clear duct tape.

After this, paint a base layer of Modge Podge. Let dry for at least 1 hour.

Step 6: Add Designs

Add another layer of paint - this time the color of your choice.

After this dries, add any designs you would like to paint.

Step 7: Add Plastic Water Bottles

Once the paint is dry, it's time to add the plastic strips from the water bottles.

The smaller you cut these plastic strips, the more flexible they will be.

This will be necessary when covering the flat surfaces.

Larger segments fit easily around the board sides.

Hot glue each plastic strip and hold for 10 seconds.

Step 8: Hit the Beach!

Well, maybe your creation isn't quite ready to take on killer waves.. but you deserve a beach break, because (congratulations!) you have now successfully built a small-scale replica of a surfboard.

While the end product is only a model - the process of constructing this board can serve as a chance to learn from and manipulate both the form of the water bottles and the surf board itself. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for passing by!