Introduction: Resin Pendants & Ornaments

Make affordable resin gifts for loved ones

Step 1: Supplies


Molds and resin
(I get mine from
Charms, photos, glitter, stickers or whatever you would like to put in the pendant.
Cropper if needed.
e6000 glue

Step 2: Create

I like to fill my mold with charms. I clip the loop off with a wire cutter. Try using glow in the dark glitter. You can throw just about anything in there.
If using photos, be sure to use modge podge first or it might bleed.

I like using the cropper on special paper for backgrounds

Step 3: Resin

Mix your resin slowly to avoid bubbles. You can get resin at Michael's, Menard's or any hobby store. I like using the resin from Low bubbles, great finish.

Step 4: Set

Let it set for 12 hours. Be sure to check for bubbles in the first 10 minutes. Pop them with a pin or scoop them out.

Step 5: Finish

Once set, remove from mold. Trim edges if needed.
Glue bail on the back with E6000, let set and you're done.

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