Introduction: Resin and Bits Ring Boxes

About: I love working with wood. I make bandsaw boxes and just lately ive got a lathe and now enjoy woodturning.

In this Instructable im going to be making 4 ring boxes.

I really enjoy casting so i decided to cast something a little unique.

I have also made a video of this project for you to follow and might help explain the process a little better.

Item i used to make this project

Casting resin i used Alumilite clear.

pot or mould to cast the resin in. Also wood and resin rings from old projects, dice, colour pencils, wood beads.

selection of sand paper



mixing sticks

bench sander

polishing mops and polish

pressure chamber to remove bubbles from resin

dowel 6mm

drill bit 6mm

1 1/2 inch forstner bit

pots to cast in

Step 1:

1) Prepare 4 moulds to size 2 x 2 inches i had to use masking tape at top of pot to make casting the correct size

2) Gather items to put in moulds colour pencils, wood beads, dice, resin rings.

3) mix required resin for instructions for your resin i used Alumilite clear

4) put items in pots and pour on the resin

5) put in pressure chamber and i used 60 psi pressure.

6) I left the resin to cure, The resin i used it was ready in 3 hours (check your resin instructions for cure time)

Step 2:

1) Once the resin is cured i had tape marks on the outside of the casting.

2) I sanded all sides and base with 120 grit on a bench sander carful not to sand the top as i wanted to leave the item coming out the top of the box.

3) Using a Dremel i sanded the upper edges to remove excess resin which was sharp in the top of the casting (see video for demonstration)

4) I then sanded from 120 to 400 using sanding pads in my lathe but this can be done by hand for the same finish.

Step 3:

I used a polish mop system to remove scratches and shine the resin.

1) the first mop i used was a B quality mop with 113GZP- Brown cutting compound i used this until i could not see any scratches

2) the second mop i used was a G quality Mop with Glosswax 16- Beige Polishing compound. You will notice a shine on the resin after this.

3) lastly i used a WDR quality mop with a P175 YellowSuper-finishing compound. this seals the resin leaving a nice shine.

Step 4:

Ok thats the outside of the box all done. Now its time to make the box

1) first you need to drill a hole to match the size dowel you have mine was 6 mm. The lid will pivot around to the left and right on the dowel and the dowel needs to be in a corner around 10 from the sides of the box. i drilled about 1 inch deep.

2) Cut dowel around 1 inch and put aside for now.

3) Time to cut the lid i cut around 1/2 inch from top of box. (my box was wider at the top so to make square i needed to add wedges before cutting lid check video for more information.)

4) Now to make a space to put the ring. I used a 1 1/2 inch forstner bit for this, make sure you leave space for the dowel hole i went down around 1 inch its up to you how far you go down. ( i suggest holding the box in a vice so that the box holds steading for this part i used a clamp but would be better and safer to use a piller drill vice).

5) last thing to do is glue the dowel in place and once dry your box is ready.

Step 5:

I Hope you enjoyed this instructable and now its your turn go on give it a go :-).

Thank you Pam

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