Restoring a Plaster Statuette

Introduction: Restoring a Plaster Statuette

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My mother asked me if I could remove chipping from a plaster statuette she had. I used the following to restore the statue to it's former glory:  Sandpaper at 100, 150, and 220 grit., Round Files, An old toothbrush, and  computer duster. This is my first instructable, so positive feedback is appreciated.

Step 1: Filing

The first step is to file away at the chipped areas to give the basic reformed shape. I used cheap Harbor Freight files for the job. The edge of the file may fill with dust so don't use anything fancy .Rounded files were used for curves.

Step 2: Sanding

Next, sand religiously with 100 grit to remove any globs of plaster, paint, corrosion or other irregularities.

Step 3: Remove Dust

I used an old toothbrush to clear away debris from sanding. Proceed to sand with 150 grit. Brush. Then use 220 for the finest work. Brush again.

Step 4: Final Cleaning

I used a aerosol can of computer duster to remove the last bits of dust. Be careful, as dust can fly wildly. Read instructions and follow any warnings.

Step 5: Final Rsult

This is the expected result. Chips are smoothed into the rest of the statue and their is no dirt or bubbles in the plaster. Finishing with gloss is recommended for outdoor display.

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