Introduction: Reupholstering a Couch With Old Fabric

We will be using discolored fabric from the couch material to better show the patch work.

Step 1: Items You Will Need

Large sewing needle


Scissors of knife

Pins (for place holding)

Used fabric for patching

Step 2: Measuring Your Fabric With the Rip in Your Couch

Hold up your old fabric to the rip in the couch. Make sure the fabric is long enough to cover the rip.

Step 3: Pin Each Corner of the Fabric to the Couch, Ensuring the Fabric Will Stay in Place

Step 4: Thread Your Needle

Double your thread so it makes a thicker, strong consistency.

Pull your double thread through the head hole of the needle.

Make the needle hang in the middle of the string.

Bring the two ends together and tie a double knot to avoid the string from falling through the needle’s hole.

Cut from remaining thread.

Step 5: Sew the Edges of the Fabric

Start by a corner and puncture the fabric and push into the couch fabric so the needle penetrates to the side of the patch.

Remove the corner pin Continue the first motion as you follow the fabric to the center.

Continue until you end at the corner you began with.

When reaching the last corner, take the needle and tie a loose knot, hold your finger in this knot and bring it down to the fabric.

This should allow you to tie the knot so it encloses on the fabric. Leaving the stitching tight and secure.

Tie another knot to fully secure the strength in the thread.

Cut off excess thread or fabric