Introduction: Reuse Bottle for Drip Irrigation

My father in law discovered a way to reuse bottle or can for drip irrigation. This is how he do. Materials are empty bottle, bamboo stick, cotton swab (cotton buds), and string. Tools are scissor, pincer, nail, knife, and hot glue gun.

Step 1: Prepare Tube and Bamboo Stick

Use scissor to cut two heads off the cotton swab and to cut remaining tube into two pieces. Use the knife to split bamboo stick so that it is a little bigger than inner hole of the tubes. Carve it to round and pointed at one end. Make sure it can be inserted into the tube. Cut it short. Use nail to punch a hole at bottom of the bottle.

Step 2: Prepare the Bottle

Use knife to make the hole bigger to fit the tube inside the hole. Use hot glue gun to fix it and to seal the hole. Wait for the glue to be cool and tough.

Step 3: Use the Bottle

Pour water inside the completed bottle and use string to hang it on top of the plant you want to watering. Water should drip through the tube. Dripping speed can be adjusted by gently push bamboo stick into the tube or pull it out.