Revenge - a Knex Shotgun

Introduction: Revenge - a Knex Shotgun

About: Hey, my name is Jay. I've been working on building a lot more lately, expect more Instructables later on!

I've been working on this gun for the past week, I wanted to make a shotgun, but I'm not really a fan of simple pin guns, (and I was too lazy to make a pump or lever action version) so I went for a break action one.

This gun is inspired by Lucas the Boss' Break action shotgun, but I've never built it because of my lack of hinges, glue, and other parts.

-Break Action
-Fairly Decent Range
-Has a nice, heavy feel to it
-Pop-Up Sight
-Has a Bullet Lock (Holds the Ammo in place so it won't fall out)
-Resembles a Real Shotgun

-Uses 3 Cut white rods, and 2 Rod Ends (1 rod is necessary, so are the ends; You'll see a broken blue rod at the back of the gun, this can be replaced by a regular one)
-Sometimes the Ram Rod fires through the gun
-Fires only Yellow Rods or Longer

Expect Instructions within the next few weeks!
Update 9/11 - Added Stock Pictures and Close-Ups of all sections

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    6 weeks ago

    When I say past week, I mean I get 1-2 hours each day because of school, I haven't been working on it for a week straight lol