Reverse Parking Sensors

Introduction: Reverse Parking Sensors

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Hi , friends how many of have car ,if have a car you might know about this .
How will you park a car in reverse it's definitely difficult.because it may hit on any object and become damage. So can use this reverse parking sensors .
It will give sound when your car come closer a object .
In this lesson I will teach you how to make a reverse parking sensors.


3.ultrasonic distance sensor
4.jumper wires

Step 1: What Is Reverse Parking?

The rule behind reverse parking sensor were ultra sonic waves
Ultrasonic waves are high sound that cannot hear by human ears.
In caves bats also use this waves to move from one place to another.because bats has very less eye sight.In cars this ultrasonic waves used in reverse parking sensors.
when we use reverse gear the reverse parking sensors automatically Start sending ultrasonic waves or electromagnetic waves ,when the ultra sonic waves hit on any object the waves get reflect, and and the speaker starts to give warning to us .
Let's see how to build a reverse parking sensor.

Step 2: Take a Microcontroller

You need to use a microcontroller to programming,here I used a Arduino, the Arduino only command the reverse parking sensor. It is the main component of this reverse parking sensors.take a microbit and place it in any place you want and also take bread board and place near the Arduino as shown in the picture.the bread board want power to distribute so connect 5v to positive terminal of bread board and connect ground to the negative terminal of the bread board.

Step 3: Connect Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic sensor is device which is send the ultrasonic waves .
Place it in the bread board and connect the vcc pin to the positive terminal of bread board.vcc means power or positive ions. And connect the ground (gnd) to negative terminal of the bread board as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Trigger Pin and Echo Pin

Connect the trigger pin and echo pin to any one of the digital pin in the Arduino.
The trigger pin only the bin which transmits the ultrasonic waves from ultrasonic distance sensor.the echo pin receive the ultrasonic waves which is deflected. Through the time in which this process happen only determine the distance between the object and reverse parking sensors.

Step 5: Piezo

The piezo is the device which gives warning sounds when the object is near . We have to connect the positive terminal to any one of the digital pin.connect the negative pin to the negative terminal of the bread board as shown in the picture.
Why we have to connect the digital pin means to program with Arduino only.

Step 6: Programming the Reverse Parking Sensor

As I said about trigger pin and echo in the part of our code I mentioned that to read the readings store the distance value in distance threshold variable
And I have mentioned in the second line that the cm equal to 0
One inch equal to 2.54 cm so in the third line I programme the inch equal to cm by 2.54

Step 7: Program Distance Sensor and Piezo

I have program the value of the out to be printed in serial monitor in both cm and inch.
Next we have to program distance sensor and piezo . By the if statement of distance threshold is greater than cm I have programmed to alarm the piezo else not give sound by this you can get the reverse parking sensors completed.

Step 8: Conclusion

This reverse parking sensors helping many persons car from damaging while parking
I hope everyone like this
Thank you friends!

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    This looks awesome! Thank you for posting:)