Introduction: Revieve Your Old Headphones

Make your old headphones like new again...


Cover them in a crap fabric and hope they look less shit than when you started...

Good, glad you're with me.

Step 1: Gather the Tools

You will need the following

-Glue gun (or other suitable glue)
-Stanley blade
-Fabric (I had an old torn shirt)
-Foam insert for padding (assuming the foam in your headphones has disintegrated, like mine)
-Crocodile clips for holding fabric in place

Step 2: Dismantle...

Take your old headphones apart. Mine are sennheiser hd 495 silver. General tips are try and prise things apart, I cut the fabric of the ear pieces when I actually just needed to try and pry.

Step 3: Cover All the Parts in Fabric

Cut the bits of fabric to about 1.5x what you need. I found that holding the fabric in place with crocodile clips was useful.

Slowly glue the fabric at the edges, I found the glue cooled too fast to glue more than about 25mm at a time.

Press the fabric into the hot glue and then adjust the alignment of the fabric as necessary before gluing the next section.

When you've glued it all just cut away the excess fabric and you're done.

When covering the ear pieces I found it very useful to have the foam insert in place. Thereby creating the required bulge in the fabric.

Hot glue adherers fabric to plastic, like hot shit to a blanket. It's amazing and very useful!

Step 4: Reassemble

Put all the bits back together as best you can. You will probably need to make adjustments to the edges of the fabric. The most important technique is to try and keep the fabric folded around any edge, although this is not always possible.

Step 5: Finish

Put the kettle on pat yourself on the back and call "jobs a good'un".