Ribbed Ombre Cowl

Introduction: Ribbed Ombre Cowl

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This is is now my favorite scarf I have made so far. I wanted something that looked ribbed and something that I could crochet. Because prefer to crochet than to knit. It is a simply pattern to do, that creates a awesome ribbed cowl. It is worked in front post double crochet stitches, which gives it the ribbed look.

* cream, light brown-gray, gold brown(ish), and dark brown
worsted weight yarn
* size 5.5mm crochet hook
* scissors

Step 1: Pattern

As you crochet the rows will look like it's turning to the front, and that is OK because it will fix itself once you have more rows. On the wrong side (the inside) will began to form rows and on the outside it will form the ribs. Because of the rows on the inside, the cowl become really thick and squishy. I like to wear the cowl upside-down because the bottom edge has more give around my shoulders and neck.

sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
sl st: slip stitch
ch: Chain stitch
yo: yarn over

Row 1:Chain 80 stitches, sl st to join, ch 1

Row 2: sc in each stitch, sl st to join, ch 2 do not turn

Row 3: dc in each stitch, sl st to join, ch 2 do not turn

Row 4: yo insert your hook from the front to the back of the first double crochet so that the stitch(post) is on your hook . At this point you should have two loops and a stitch on your hook. Yarn over and pull through so that there is three loops on your hook. Yarn over pull through two loops, yarn over again and pull through the last two loops until you have one loop left on your hook. That is your first front post double crochet stitch.
Repeat this front post double crochet all the way around.
80 stitches

Row: 5-7 repeat row 4 with front post double crochet in color one. (cream)

Row: 8-12 front post double crochet in color two (light gray-brown)

Row:13-17 front post double crochet in every stitch, sl st to join, in color three (tan)

Row: 17- 22 front post double crochet in every stitch, sl st to join, bind off in color four (dark brown)

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    7 years ago

    Cute! I knit and a cowl like this would be warm and cute.

    Uncle Kudzu
    Uncle Kudzu

    7 years ago

    Oooh, that looks warm! Very nice work. Good job on the instructable too.

    My GF tried to teach me how to crochet, but I'm not too handy with a hook :( I'll have to show her this. She could make me a man-cowl for Christmas :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Alright now! I might have to order me one of those for my sister, they look so nice. I already have a knitted hat that keeps my head and neck warm that my mom made for me earlier this year. My sister crotchets hats and all kinds of stuff. I hope you make more instructables like this one