Introduction: Ricciarelli Recipe

Almond flour* 200gr /7oz

Powder Sugar 200gr/7oz

Egg White 2

Almond extract 2 small spoons

Vanilla Stick 1 (Only the beans)


I also used

The Juice of Half Lime

Lime zest**


* You can obtain the almond flour by blending pealed almonds :)

** These extra aromas vary from recipe to recipe. Sometimes orange zest is some brands. I do not suggest to use orange zest as it kills the delicate taste of almond that this cookie has...some lime zest instead remains very settled with the overall taste of this cookie.

Step 1: Mount the White Egg

If you think this is hard, it's not, just take a fork and energetically mix the egg. Give it 5 min and that's it

Step 2: Mix the Ingredients

Mix the almond and almost all the powdered sugar. Keep a bit of sugar aside. We will use it on the dough (3-4 full spoons will do). Add slowly the egg-white mixture to the almond flour. Attention as it may take less egg-white than the recipe ask for, so you need to mix the two by adding the egg-white mixture slowly.

Once you get to a workable dough consistency (watch the video linked bellow if you are not sure what the consistency has to be like) add the beans of the Vanilla stick, the zest of a lime, the juice of half a lime and the almond extract.

Step 3: Leave It Rest

Use wrapping paper to cover the dough and leave it rest in the fridge for 1 night...or 8 hours. Do not skip this step as it is important! :)

Step 4: Bake

The next day can give them a cookie shape and bake them at 160 degrees Celsius or 320 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. They don't have to brown so make sure that you remove them from the oven earlier.

Step 5: Eat It Fresh

This is a fresh product, it's best if consumed quickly and stored in an air tight container.