Introduction: Rice Earrings.

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In ancient times earrings were considered to be a symbol of woman's wealth and her status in society and wearing ear ornaments by Indian women has been considered auspicious.
Today, tradition of wearing earrings is extremely strong in India. These are considered to be an extremely important fashion accessory by the women. These days, girls go in for inexpensive colorful metal earrings, which they change daily according to their dress. These artificial earrings are easily available in huge variety on road side stalls. But handmade earrings have their own value and speciality.
Like today I have made these earrings using rise. Rice which is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in India. But can you imagine it can be used in many more creative things........
Take the example of these earrings and start making.....................


You will need these things for this instructables.
1) Rice
2) Craft wire (0.5mm diameter)
3) Thread of any color
4) Golden paint
5) Paint brushes
6) A pair of scissors.

Step 1: Joining Techniques.

Joining things together sometime became hard if you don't know the proper technique of doing so.
And this is the proper technique of joining rice and wire together.
For the demonstration I have used plastic straws in place of rice and wire.
Follow the steps and learn it.
1) Pass one straw (rice) in between of two other straws (wire).
2) Tie them diagonally from one side using thread and repeat the process until it is tied properly.
3) Now tie it diagonally using thread to the other side.
4) you can now put the other straw (rice) in between of the same straws (wire).
And tie it using the same technique.

Step 2: Joining Rice in a Chain.

1) Making rice look attractive you can paint them using any color for example I have used Golden color
2) Let it dry.
3) Take 2 wires of same length and make loops for earrings hooks.
4) Now follow Step 1 and tie the rice in between of wires properly.
5) Tie the rice in a chain till it reaches the desired place.

Step 3: Making Ring.

1) To make it look like earrings join the ends neatly but take care of hook.
2) Bend it and make it oval in shape. That will be the perfect shape of earrings, you can make your own shape like circle etc.

Step 4: Covering Ring.

1) Tie the thread on top.
2) Now measures the center and drag the thread towards the left.
3) Fix it between two rice and rotate it.
4) Bring back the thread to the top.
5) And now move it towards the left and fix it between two rice on the top.
6) Now fix the thread between two rice at the bottom, on the left of the rice adjacent to the same rice you have used before.
7) Following the same steps complete the oval.
For better understanding watch the video Rice earrings 1.

Step 5: Another Colour Thread.

1) Take the contrasting colour ( I have used peach colour).
2) Tie the thread on the top properly.
Now follow the same step of Step 4 and start it from the left of the rice you have used before in the starting (in step 4).
For more information watch the video Rice earrings 2.

Step 6: Joining Together.

Withe the help of pliers fix the earrings and earrings hooks together.
Yippee.......... πŸ€— πŸ€—
Rice earrings are ready...

Step 7: Product Is Ready 🀘

Step 8: Other Designs.

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