Rifle Chair

Introduction: Rifle Chair

Rifle Chair

Chair dimension: Length 43 X Wight 49 X Seat height 46 centimeters

Rifle dimension: Length 100 X Wight 12 (at the base) X Thickness 3 centimeters

The idea of the chair started from the “X” or cross shape legs. That is the basic for the legs structure. Then apply some cross round wood member to hole both legs on each side together and it also can use to connect the seat as well. The design concepts are rifle and flag that have theme of “X” or cross shape. The rifle is use as the chair leg, for that concept is that you never leave your rifle far away from your hand, that why the rifle look like it lean against something. The confederate flag have a bright colors and a big “X” shape in the middle, so I use to make into a seat. It’s brings to a complete design concept of the Rifle Chair.

Supplies that you need to do the “Rifle Chair" project.

1. Any kind of hard wood.

2. Burlap or any kind of fabric that can be use as seat and be able to paint.

3. Wood glue.

4. Cardboard and masking tape.

5. Black color wood dye and spray paint (red, white, and blue color).

6. Coconut oil (cold pressed).

Step 1: The Drawing

Steps and process of how to make the "Rifle Chair” project

1. At first you need to draw 1:1 scale just the side elevation, but you need to use different color pencil to draw different height and width to see which one fit the best. For this chair the height is about 42 centimeters.

Note: this way you know how to cut wood as drawing will be more accuracy.

Step 2: Trace Small Details

2. Drawing to scale 1:1 of the rifle and trace on the wood. Then start cutting the rifle shape. Then for the detail of the rifle you need to make different depth by cutting with router and sanding such as; barrel, trigger, cock, lock plate, front sight and stock.

Note: The stock use thicker piece of wood and to sand the edge in to make it look real. Also different parts will need different tools to cut and sanding.

Step 3: The Wood Joints

3. Also cut the other side of the legs as well. When you cut the leg, it needs to be a little bit longer than drawing. You can trim it off later when you set the angle of the leg to the floor. This chair use lap joint, it needs to cut the joint half of the depth of the leg. You need to be careful to make this joint on the rifle side, because the stock had another joint. If the joints too close to each other it might be weaken the leg and make sure to sand all the edges.

Note: the rifle leg might take more time, all the details need to be cut and sand before making lap joint.

Step 4: The Seat

4. At this point you need to cut burlap piece for the seat. And it’s need to be double side, 2 lines stitch for the strength, and leave 2 slots at both ends for the wood cylinder pieces that will attach to the legs on both sides. Make sure that you have 2 wood cylinder pieces at diameter 1 inch and about 48 centimeters, You should cut a little longer. The dimension that I use for the burlap is (width 42 centimeters X Length 82 centimeters). After that you need to wash and stretch out the burlap and dry, if not it will shrinking a little bit.

Note: most of the pieces that cut need to be a little longer, so you can trim it off. If it too shorts then maybe you need to cut it again.

Step 5: Spray Paint

5. Make a confederate flag pattern by using a cardboard paper and cut off the big triangles and stars. But first you must spray white color paint on to the burlap wait to dry and spray until the burlap is white on both sides. You might need to spray white color many times. The easiest way is to block all side with triangles and some masking tape and taped the cardboard stars evenly on to the burlap. Next is to spray blue color and wait until it’s dry. Now spray red color in one section at a time and block off the rest of the area. You can also use white cloth as well. While you wait for the paint to dry, you can do other part.

Note: when you spray paint don’t spray too close, the paint will take other paint color off or mix them.

Step 6: The Drills

6. Drill the hole in the legs for the wood cylinder piece, You need to measure according to the side elevation. Before you do anything, bring the burlap and lay it down on the side elevation with the legs. Begin to drill the far top corner first and drill the top corner that adjacent to the bottom leg. Before you drill the bottom leg, try to adjust by using the burlap and cylinder piece into the first top corner holes stretch them around the other top corner hole in order to drill the last hole at the bottom corner. The rifle leg on this side will do the same process.

Note: try it out before drill the last hole. Lay down some cloth before you do the rifle side, because this side has lot of detail.

Step 7: Put It Together

7. Now is the time to put them together by using wood glue. You need lay the leg on its side and add wood glue in to the hole, stick the cylinder pieces with burlap to all 3 holes. Then put the riffle side next, at this point the glue will started to drip, wipe it off with wet cloth. You need to flip the chair upside down, the seat will be on the surface and clamp both sides. Do not add to much pressure when clamping, the wood will split and crack. At this point the legs will be not straight and need to adjust with other clamp. Make sure everything is even and straight before the wood glue dry. Let it day for couple of day and take the clamp off.

Note: Before clamping need to put small cardboard or cloth between the clamp and the wood, to protect the wood surface.

Step 8: Time to Shine

8. The last process is to put finishing on wood surface such as the legs and rifle. At this point you need small cloth and coconut oil (cold pressed). First you apply coconut oil on the wood pieces and let it dry, then add another coating. The chair needs to be in the sun light, the process will be faster for the next coating.

Note: wipe to shine with dry cloth.

Special Thanks to; Mr. Sakorn, Mr. O

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