Introduction: Rigid Oscillation Drum Sander Adjustable Fence

About: Recently got back into Woodworking last year and really loving spending time in my garage.

Really needed a easier way to clean up pieces after resawing them on my bandsaw. I was just clamping a piece of MDF to the table and gradually moving the fence by hand. This was working but I knew I could make something better.

Step 1: The Parts

Wood is always a good place to start for any project.

For the fence I would suggest MDF or Melamine. They are both pretty stable and flat.

The arm could be made of anything and I used Poplar.

1 Locking Miter Bar

1 Star Knob and Bolt

2 L brackets (The ones I used are designed for 1020 T-Slotted Extrusion Pieces and are very strong)

Some screws and washers to attach the L brackets to the fence and to attach the Miter Bar to the Arm..

Step 2: The Cuts

I cut the fence to 20"x5"

I would of added a bevel to the bottom to prevent any dust build up but was worried about beveling the Melamine so I ended up putting a washer under the fence when I was screwing the fence to the L Backet that attaches to the arm to give it a gap.

The arm is 2"x13.5"

I cut a dado that was wide enough and deep enough to flush the Locking Miter Bar. I just did this on my table saw but you could do this with a router. Then bolt the Arm and Miter bar to each other After I cut the Dado I cut the slot that will allow you to adjust the Fence. Best way to do this is to attach both of the L Brackets to the Fence and screw one end down to the Table losely. Then you can attach the arm to the table and trace the the arc while you move the fence.

Step 3: Wrapping Things Up

After getting everything installed I checked to see if the fence was 90 degrees to the table and it was a tad bit off. Ended up using a washer between the L bracket that is on the outfeed side of the fence and it worked great. It will work with pieces of wood up to just under 1.5 inches that is just enough for me. Takes less then 10 seconds to install and is so much easier to adjust. I may try to add a micro adjustment in the future using the Kreg Fence micro adjuster but for now this is working great.