Introduction: Rilakkuma Bear Cozy

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Hey momoluvers! It's mono and today I'm making an extremely simple tutorial that almost anyone can make! It is a super cute coffee cozy (yet another) that is just too cute! I hope y'all enjoy

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
1. Yarn
2. Black felt
3. Knitting needles.
4. Sewing needles

You will need to know how to:
1. Knit a bamboo pattern
2. Cast on/off
3. Hand sew
4. Crochet in a round

Step 2: Starting Off

Cast on 14 stitches. Knit the first row.

Knit the first stitch and loop the thread around the front as shown.

Knit the next two stitches and loop the thread over them and off of the needle.

Continue this row and knit the last stitch

Purl the next row, bamboo pattern the next and so on

Step 3: Pattern

This should be the pattern that begins to form.

Step 4: Close It Up

Now just take a sewing needle and close it up. Make sure the row remains even and neat.

Step 5: Ears

Crochet in a round to get two small circles.

If you don't know how to crochet in a round, I attempted to put in some pictures but if you're a visual learner, there are tons of videos online.

See the ears to the top of the cozy

Step 6: Face

See on the black felt shapes that you cut. (You should've cut two small circles and a mouth)

Step 7: Finito!

And that's it! This is an extremely quick and simple tutorial. I absolutely love it and look forward to using it this season!

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