Introduction: Roasting Sweet Corn the Old-fashioned Way

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Whether you are outside, camping or not, roast corn is a quick and yummy food to try out. Having carbohydrates, it's an energy boost and also healthy. With no added fats or cholesterol, it is the ideal quick and easy dish. Roasting food adds unique flavors. If you are outside with no modern technology and need a quick meal, sweet corn is the perfect one.

Depending on your speed and skill, this should take less than half and hour to make (including starting the fire and whatnots). This is perfect for campers. Somehow, it can be a substitute for marshmallow. Just like marshmallow, it can be roasted over a fire and is also sweet.

Step 1: Ingredients


1 sweet corn. (Corn can either be white, red or yellow. This is the most important and only ingredient you need. The fresher the better. Though this can be bought from the market, it is advisable to get a freshly harvested one. Sweet corn is known to lose its sweetness the longer it stays on the shelf. Also, the grains may harden)


Wood. (If you can't get commercially-sold firewood, dried twigs and branches will do)

Two ten-inch long fork-shaped branches. (It's up to you to situate a tree or shrub and harvest these for yourself. They need not be bulky, as long as they are strong enough.)

A knife.

Step 2: Planting the Branches.

Find a leveled soil-covered spot. Using the knife, dig two little 10cm-deep identical holes side by side. The distance between them will depend on the length of your corn. My corn was approximately 7 inches so I spaced the holes about five inches apart. Put the fork-shaped sticks into the hole and cover it up. You may need to stomp or press to make sure the branches are firmly planted and void of any wobbling.

Step 3: Add Wood.

On either side of the fork-shaped branches, put pieces of wood. There is no need for much. Two to four pieces of wood will be more than enough.

Step 4: Set Fire and Begin Cooking.

Carefully peel the corn. With that, light a fire and set the corn in the forks of the branches, directly over the fire. You shall need to correct the fire constantly and make sure the fire itself rarely makes contact with the cob. Mostly the heat should do the cooking.

When one side begins changing color to black, flip to another side. Make sure it doesn't burn else the sweet taste will be ruined.

Step 5: Done

Who needs to serve on a plate? I don't. Because there's no need for one. Neither is there a need for cutleries. Just eat and savor the delicious and sweet taste. Do eat while it's hot. The colder it gets, the harder the grains become and the sweetness disappears.

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