Robot Cleaner

Introduction: Null The window cleaning robot. Different colors were used to identify their parts. Red: Corresponds to magnets, Yellow: Corresponds to cleaning sponge, Blue: corresponds to the place where the circuit is mounted and black corresponds to the structure. I have created a platform to simulate the glass. The robot consists of leaving it on a glass and thanks to the magnets that allows cleaning inside and outside this would be of great help for buildings with large glass and are very high. It left four holes in which you could adapt an artifact to the CNC for its movement between crystals, another alternative would be a quadruped robot, or a dron to aid in sliding. You have several alternatives that you would like to implement in the place where it would be used. Perhaps wheels can be mounted or that their movement is by means of vibrations then it would be to see the best way not to damage the glass and to perform an efficient work. It allows to clean the glass inside and outside the same time.

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