Introduction: Robot Santa Ornament

This is a design I threw together for the White House Ornament Challenge. It shows a patriotic robot Santa handing a gift to a child. I think this design adequately depicts the technological revolution that is 3D printing while paying homage to this great country and the Christmas season.

I used a combination of software to produce the end result, including: Solidworks, Sculptris, and MeshLab. It was my first time using Sculptris and I think it turned out pretty well. Any seasoned printer will notice that this is no simple print. It will require a bit of support material to come out right, but still definitely printable...will upload photos once I get it printed off.

Update 11/8/14: stl file was messed up, I will fix it and get it uploaded

Update 11/10/14: Like I said this was my first time using the mesh approach. It seems a bit obvious in hindsight, solidworks won't like a mesh with >400k faces ha. Went through polygon regression techniques and got it down to about 150k faces and cleaned up a little. Now importing dxf to solidworks as solid body stl to include finishing touches (base and hanger loop). Going on 2 hours now since the start of import and this is on a 64bit i5 SSD 16gb machine. Hopefully (certainly) I should be able to get this finished and uploaded by midnight tonight for the challenge.

Update 11/10/14: Going on 8 hours for the file conversion, solidworks needs to address this issue in their software. I uploaded the final stl of just the scene, no base or loop to hang with but I think you can still make lemonade with it. Regardless when this dxf finally finishes I'll still finish it and get it uploaded.

Update 11/11/14: The 140k face model didn't get a chance to finish importing to solidworks because I got fed up with waiting. Went back to meshlab and knocked the faces down to 40k. Got everything working and added the base and loop and have uploaded the final stl correct dimensions and all. Slic3r thinks the model isn't watertight (it is don't worry) and so messes up when slicing, Cura owned it and claims it will be a little over an hour to print with no flaws. I may be converting to Cura here soon.

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