Introduction: Robotic Arm

Make your robotic arm!

Download the files .stl and print!

You need different screws and bolts, like in video (8x M2, 5x M3, 10x M4).

I used:

  • 5X TGY - S901D servo
  • battery ( like Turnigy 1800mAh, 2 Cell)
  • Arduino Nano
  • cables
  • a common webcam
  • robotic claw
  • gym weight, like in picture

Step 1: Files .stl

Step 2: Build It!

Before screwing the plastic parts to the motor you must turn the gear until you reach the limit.

Step 3: Add Camera

You can add a camera to improve your robot.

Step 4: Details

Step 5: The End

You have complete your new robot!

Step 6: Programming

You can download the files. If you would you can modified and improved.

I used Eclipse to program in java. I have modified Class Ball from here. You must download OpenCV library and jssc library for Serial Communication.

You must run the program by selecting, in Eclipse, the Main Class.

Step 7: Arduino

Download and load in Arduino.

You can connect the motors like in the sketch.

Good work!!