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Introduction: Robust Pallet Table

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In the back of the garden we had a table, we got this table from a restaurant that had to close. When we got the table it looked great but after standing in the garden for a year, the table started to rot. So I decided to fix it. The table is 240 by 100 cm or 94 by 39 inchs. In the corner i cut a 45 degree angle to make it look better. The planks I used for this table where around 20 cm wide and had various lengths. This project took about a week to finish and it was pretty difficult for me. It is als also very difficult to move the table, it's really heavy so don't expect to move it on you own.

For this project you need:

-two 240 cm or 94 inches plank
- one meter or 39 inch plank
-78 cm or 30 inch plank.
-75 cm 29.5 inch plank.
(all these planks are 20 by 3 cm or 7.8 by 1.2 inches)
- 5 by 5 by 5 cm or 2 by 2 by 2 inch planks
-smaller screws
-a wood saw (I suggest getting one to cut big planks)
-electric sander
-wood finish
-small hooks (optional)

Step 1: Take the Old Top Off

First you have to take the old rotten top off. The old top was held in place with rusted screws and corner brackets. When I took it off I even found a wasp nest.

Step 2: Sand Everything

Now you have to sand everything smooth. This takes a while because everything is half rotten. Just sand until you don't see any green.

Step 3: The Support

The table was held in with two support beams. But to put the planks in you have to put more support beams in you just have to measure the width between the two beams. The just cut the beams. I put them in with corner brackets and screws. But you do have to make sure that you place them around 3 cm above the others. Because the 240 cm or 94 inches lay on top of the table, and the old rotten tabletop was inside of the table.

Step 4: Cut the Long Side

Now you have to cut the long side. This is the side with the 45 degree at both ends. The plank is 20 cm or 7.8 inches wide and 240 cm or 94 inches. And at both ends you have to cut two 45 degree angles. You have to make two of these, for both sides. After cutting bot sides you also have to sand then to make them smoot, but don't make them too smooth because if you do make them too smooth the table loses its "robust" look.

Step 5: Cut the Short Side

Now you have to cut the 1 meter or 39 inches long piece that goes along the width of the table. It's the same as the last step but then shorter. You also have to cut it with a 45 degree angle. You also put these in trough the bottom. You just have to drill holes trough the bottom and screw in screws trough the bottom so you don't see them.

Step 6: The Middle Planks

Now you have to cut the middle planks. These planks are all 2 meters or 78 inches. When you put these planks in you also have to screw them in via the bottom, you just drill holes trough the bottom supports. And then you screw in the screws. But when you put them in you will see that you'll have a little bit of space in between each plank. I just used a paint mixer as a spacer to put between the planks when I put them in. After you put them in you have. To sand the entire top.

Step 7: The Outside of the Legs

Now you have to put on the outside of the legs. But you don't get rid of the old legs. Now you have to cut two 20 cm or 7.8 inch plank 78 cm or 30 inches long. You have to make 8 of these ( two for each leg). Then just screw them to the original leg. And when you put them both to the leg you can also screw them to each other. Now just sand all the legs.

Step 8: The Inside Legs

N0w you have to cut the inside of the legs. You also have to cut two per leg. These legs are all 75 cm or 29.5 inches long. But when you put the planks in you'll see that the supports are in the way. You just have to measure and cut to see how they fit. You can't really explain this, you just have to measure and see what works. Now just screw them in. And after screw them in just sand the legs.

Step 9: Sand Sand Sand

Now you just have to sand everything one more time. You also have to make the edges round fith a file or sandpaper. For the top I just used an electric sander.

Step 10: The Finnish.

Now you have to just give it a Finnish. I choose the sand finish because it doesn't change much to the color of the wood. And when you did the entire table once you have to wait an hour before you have to sand the table again and put another layer of finish on.

Step 11: Details

Now you can put the details on. I put four hooks on the table to hang stuff on. I also put two candles and a plant in the middle and I like how it looks.

Step 12: Your Done!

Your done!

Have fun with you new robust table.

If you have any questions you can just ask me in the comments.

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    6 years ago

    Very nice pallet project!! Thanks for sharing


    Reply 6 years ago

    thanks for the support, I had fun making it.