Introduction: Rochambeau

We attempt to make a pineapple router that rickrolls you!

Step 1: Started With High Hopes and Dreams...

The basic idea of our project was developing a “wifi pineapple” that runs on a raspberry pi device. A wifi pineapple is a router that, when a computer connects to a network and broadcasts that it is searching for it’s home network, responds saying that it is the home network. After the victim computer connects, all traffic is forwarded through the pineapple and can be sniffed as it passes. Meanwhile the victim computer believes it is on it’s home network. We are not attempting to steal any info, so our idea is that we would set up a pineapple that re-directs traffic to a rick roll video. Furthermore, we thought it would be interesting to log information about computers that connect, such as web browsers used, operating systems, etc.

Step 2: Rolled Back a Little!

We spent the first half of the hackathon attempting to configure our raspberry pi using code from a few git repositories. Unfortunately, due to limitations with our hardware, as well as the libraries used for this setup, we were unable to get this functionality configured. As a result, we scaled down our concept to try and get a working prototype done in the limited time we had left. Because we are limited to one network card, we looked into simply setting up a wifi hotspot that forwards all web traffic to a page we host that plays rick roll.

Step 3: ...never Gonna Let You Down!

In order to accomplish this task, we installed the network manager to our raspbian OS, and set up a network hotspot. Once we were able to successfully connect to our raspberry pie, we then looked into to actually redirecting traffic.

In order to direct traffic to our page, we needed to use squid. Squid is a proxy server and web cache daemon utility that can provide the functionality we needed. After attempting(and failing) to get squid working, we decided we would instead try a different approach. We installed DHCP, and attempted to set up a DNS server that forwards all traffic to the page we created to serve rickroll.

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