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This is the first costume I ever made. I created it for my son 25 years ago.

This costume has been packed away for 25 years, I got it out dusted it off and reused it on our youngest this year.

There is a white turtleneck and a pair of over-sized,baggy pants. I made some red suspenders with red elastic and suspender clips.

For the buttons I glued on circles of yellow craft foam.There is a patch of blue felt glued to the back of the pants with a white ball glued to the center of the patch.

I made a bow tie from a rectangle of blue fabric that I cinched in the middle and added a small strip of blue fabric to the center of to keep it cinched. There are yellow felt circles glued to the bow tie . The bow was sew to a piece of elastic and tied at the neck.

For the ears I bought a head band and attached bunny ears that I made from white fabric . The ears have pink felt glued to the front and there is a wire inserted inside for posing them. . There is a tuft of red fleece hair that I glued between the ears.

The bunny feet are made like a pair of slippers. There is a sole made from pink felt and the top white is from terry clothe. The sole is an oval that is made 3 times the size of the wearer's foot. The top white fabric is an oval double the sole's size with a hole cut for the foot to go through . The two pieces are sewn together right sides together then turned right side out. Stuff the foot with fiberfill and then insert a sock into the foot and sew to the opening left for the foot.

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