Introduction: Roku Cooling Fan

If you have a Roku and if you have touched, you know it gets hot. Especially Roku Express, it gets so hot that it eventually causes the WiFi to go out. So I made a cooling fan for my Express, its made the Express work 100% better. I used an old laptop fan and old mini usb phone charger. Its so simple to make anyone can do it.


1 laptop fan 5v

1 Mini USB phone charging cord

Feet/spacers (I used the rubber pieces off the bottom of the laptop I took the fan from. But you can use whatever you have. Fan just needs room to pull air from the bottom)

Optional if your TV doesn't have a USB port

1 5v wall charger (try to get the amps close to the same)


Electric tape

Wire strippers

Step 1: Step 1: Cut Cord and Fan Wires

Mini USB cord

  1. Cut off mini USB part
  2. Strip off rubber outer part back about 1/2 inch
  3. Strip red and black wires back about 1/8 inch


  1. Cut off fan plug
  2. Strip red and black wires back about 1/8 inch

Step 2: Step 2: Tape

Mini USB

  1. Fold over all wires but the red and black and tape them to the cord. Or cut off.

Connect cord to fan

  1. Connect black wire from cord to black wire on fan and tape
  2. Connect red wire from cord to red wire on fan and tape
  3. Wrap tape around all wires, this step is to make it look pretty.

Step 3: Finish

  1. Place what you have selected for your feet/spacers down
  2. Place fan on feet/spacers next to Roku
  3. Plug fan in
  4. Enjoy a better working Roku

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