Role Play Minis on a (tiny) Budget




Introduction: Role Play Minis on a (tiny) Budget

Minis are expensive. Everyone who has played D&D knows that.

I made minis for my family because the toy soldiers I got just wasn't enough.

I took inspiration from other ideas I found online to make custom standing miniatures for each person in the D&D party. Since I did not find a how-to like this. I decided it would be my first instructable for D&D stuff.

Step 1: You Need Stuff

  • Internet
  • Glue
    • hot glue works great because it is flexible and dries quickly
  • Paper clips / carboard
    • anything rigid to keep the character upright
  • Token base. I used nickles because I am lazy. Washers would work better and be more legal.
    • binder clips would also work as a removable base and wouldn't need glue

Step 2: Make and Print Your Characters

I decided to make back and front images of each character in the party, but that is probably more than necessary for role playing.

2-3 inches is a good height for the minis. If you already have figurines or toy soldiers, you should probably try to get them close to the same size just for player reference and immersion.

If you have card stock or access to a laminator, have at it and enjoy beefing up the quality. I used some thicker computer paper and covered it with scotch tape to make it greasy finger resistant.

Step 3: Stand and Deliver

  • Glue the paper clips or whatever reinforcing material you chose to the back/middle of your small characters.
  • Trim away any excess paper and glue.
  • Affix the character onto your stand of choice. (hot glue onto the washer or slip into the binder clip)

Have fun playing with custom miniatures of your characters that you can even update throughout the campaign if you want to put in a little more effort.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I really like this method of making minis because it is really easy to customize it to look like it is supposed to look in the game. So you don't have to describe everything to the players. It's just, "You walk into the room and see this."