Introduction: Rolled SUGRU Beads

This Instructable will show you how to make multicolored beads using SUGRU.

Step 1: What You Need

3 Packets of SUGRU

1 safety pin or toothpick

1 necklace or chain

Step 2: Forming the Beads

Open the SUGRU packet that has the color you would like in the center of your bead.

Roll out the SUGRU to a long tube or worm shape. Trim this in half.

Open the outside color packet of SUGRU. Flatten it out so it is the same length as the inside color, but wider.

Place the blue SUGRU in the center of the yellow, and fold the edges together so all you see is yellow. Roll the tubes gently so the outside layer is smooth, but don't roll hard enough that the colors blend together.

Step 3: Slice the Beads

Using a small blade, string, or even the edge of a SUGRU packet, slice pieces off your two-color SUGRU roll.

The more even you slice the roll, the more even your beads will be.

Step 4: Add a Hole to Your Beads

Once your beads are sliced, poke a hole through each.

I started off with a pin, but used a toothpick to widen the hole to get a necklace to go through.

Step 5: Allow Beads to Dry

Allow 24 hours for your SUGRU beads to dry.

Step 6: String to a Necklace and Enjoy!