Introduction: Romantic Crepe Paper Easter Eggs

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The following DIY shows you an easy way to decorate styrofoam into catchy Easter decor.

Step 1: Supplies

To make the romantic pleated / folded crepe eggs you need:

* crepe paper in desired colors

* Styrofoam eggs (as many as you like)

* lace, tulle, ribbons, crochet flowers, catchy fabric, trinkets you have lying around....

* white paper glue (decoupage glue)

Cut a rectangle piece of paper (to fit your egg) and pleat it (fold it).Insert egg in the middle (spread the pleats there), close the ends to see if the size is right. My paper was a bit longer than necessary. Cut the excess. Unfold it again with the egg in the center.

Add glue on the egg and glue the sides first; next lift the sides again and glue them over the egg (upwards). Sprinkle it with cuteness. For this one I glued a dotted silk fabric and a tiny sateen flower.

Step 2: Crumpled Crepe Egg

Cut a piece of crepe and crumple it. Add glue on the egg and glue the paper. It cannot be easier. Decorate it your way. Make many that will bring joy and cheer!

Step 3: