Introduction: Eagle-like Glider by Mathieu Baesen

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We had an assignment to design a plane, but not a casual plane.

We needed to think a little bit further then just a normal Boeing or Airbus.

Also we were only allowed to use manual driving power.

I decided to make an eagle-like plane.
This one reaches 30m with a manual throw while standing on the ground.

Here you have a short explanation. So if you want, you can try it yourself.

Have FUN!

Step 1: Making Frame of the Body

1. Take Balsawood and cut it with following dimension: 450*3*20mm (center)

2. Now cut 2 more pieces. length: 22 and 16 cm.

3. Glue the 2 little parts. and glue them at 10 and 18 cm from the beginning

4. Make cut 2 more pieces: 5 cm to increase the height of the tail.

5. Glue this piece at the end.

6. Above that glue anonther piece of balsawood (10 cm) to support the tail

Step 2: Finishing the Central Body

1. Cut Cadapack (thikness 3mm) like in the patern above

2. Glue it on the center of the body

3. Fill the gaps between the 2 pieces of balsawood

4. Now glue 2 pieces of Cadapack behind the central part of the body up to the tail (we'll cut and form it afterwards)

5. Add a rectangle 3*14cm of Cadapack (10mm) at the center

6. Add some little pieces of Cadapack at the front (create a hole = space to fill with weight to balance the plane)

7. Sandpaper all the edges of the Cadapack

8. Add a little bit Cadapack at the end of the cross-bars. to lift the wings a little bit.

Step 3: Making the Tail

1. Cut the Cadapack by following the pattern above (Thickness 3mm)

2. Glue it on the tailholder

Step 4: Making the Wings

1. Cut the wings (Cadapack 1mm): length 65 cm/wing and 25cm wide

2. cut a curve beginning at 25cm from the top

3. take the 2 wings together and sandpaper them, so they are 100% identical

4. Cut 2 extra pieces, length 40cm and 7cm wide

5. Cut the edges of the smallest wingparts at an angel of +-45°

6. Sandpaper it very good to have a smooth side

7. Glue the little parts on the wings

8. Sandpaper the front of the wings again, but round it to create a wingprofile

10. Finish the front with electrical tape to improve aerodynamics

11. make a cut at 7cm from the end of the wing (at the bottom).

12. Put the tip 4cm higher and fix it with 2 strips of electrical tape (top and bottom)

Step 5: Finishing

1. glue the wings against the center rectangle. Apply enough pressure so the wing keep a the little angel created by the little pieces of Cadapack at the cross-bars.

2. At the bottom add another piece of Cadapack. Glue it on the body and sandpaper to form it

3. Also add another (smaller piece) ( as seen in picture 3)

4. To make the toplevel cut Cadapack (10mm) as in the patern above

5. Glue the toplevel on the body after adding extra weight (test the needed weight by adding lead and temporary close the body with rubbers bands) 4. Adding a little piece of cadapack on the top (like you want, just for the looks)

6. Sandpaper the body one more to make sure it has nice roundings and all the ugly edges are removed

Step 6: Enjoy Your Eagle-like Glider

Have Fun!!

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