Rose Heart Border



Introduction: Rose Heart Border

Large heart shaped cut-out to overlay on a picture of your favorite person, or printout for card or picture mat
supplies needed:
template from .pdf file (or screen capture of image)
copy paper for template
colored or fancy paper fot the heart cutout
Paint program - I used PhotoShop Elements
craft knife and cutting mat.
electronic die cutter machine like the one given for the grand prize on the paper craft contest.

Step 1: Step 1

For a cut out border:
print out the enclosed .pdf file on light weight paper
staple this template to paper you are going to use for the cut out. (staples keep the template from sliding)
Use your craft knife and very carefully remove all the white areas from the template. when centers of flowers and leaves are cut, then use your scissors to remove center and outer areas.
OR import .pdf (it is vector based -so it should import as a "cuttable".) into your die cutter's software, save and and send it to cut.

For an easier multi color print out:
import .pdf file into your favorite paint program
         1. Use magic wand to select the art
         2. use gradient file
         3. add a bevel effect

Step 2:

Print your art out on colored paper
cut out the center area
place over your favorite sweethearts!

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