Introduction: Rosehip Toner and Mask!!

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Prepare yourself for the amazing afterglow!!!

We all know the benefits of rosehips, it's full of vitamin A, it has anti-ageing benefits, it brightens the skin, protects skin from damage, fades dark spots and scars, and much more. You can enjoy all these benefits without spending any money!! Plus I love using homemade masks for the skin as they are natural and chemical-free!!

So this is the fast version of making a toner and a mask using rosehip buds!

Step 1: Things You Will Need!

1. Rosehips - harvest the ones which are deep red in colour

2. Water- distilled or filtered

3. Pan

4. Blender

5. Strainer

6. Spray bottle

7. Glass jar

Step 2: Wash and Cut!

Wash rosehip buds thoroughly and cut off the heads.

Step 3: Cook!

Take a pan, add 1 to 2 inches of water in it, it's best to use distilled water. But you can always use filtered water like me.

Cook it for around 15 to 20 min till the water turns dark red and buds become softer.

Step 4: Strain!

Strain it. Separate the water from the buds.

Step 5: Toner Done!!

Store the strained water or the amazing toner in a spray bottle in the refrigerator. Use it within 2 to 3 weeks.

There you have it!

Step 6: Blend!

Take the buds and add some water, you can also use the toner water we just made. Blend it as fine as you can!

That's the mask guys! Yup that's easy!

Step 7: Store the Mask!

Store the mask in a glass jar and refrigerate. Use within a week or two.

I prefer to apply it on my face and leave it on for 15min, it gets dried out. And then I scrub it with light pressure and wash it with cold water followed by the toner we just made and then moisturizer!

This combo is gonna leave a beautiful glow on your face. And with regular use, it helps lighten dark spots!!

Step 8: Tips!!

- If you have sensitive skin, you should strain the mask to remove seed particles.

-You can mix this with yoghurt and gram flour to get more benefits.

-You can add few drops of rose essential oil to the toner.

-Do a small patch test before using it.


Let me know if you made it!!