Introduction: Anti-Yo Contest Entry

Round the Neck Combo: inspired by Paul Han

Instructables and Anti-Yo WorldWide Video Contest

I'll try to explain as best as i can...
You should have a non-responsive yoyo with a decent sleep time
You should also know the basics of yoing

1. Throw yoyo sideways around your neck
2. Turn left as the yoyo is flying past you
3. Let the yoyo wrap around the your arm
4. Turn left and let the yoyo continue swinging in the same direction around your arm
5. Land yoyo on string once it comes around
6. do any combo you like (I did one that i just randomly made up)
-do a 1.5 mount and go over twice
-reverse it and open the loop between your thumb and forefinger
-pop the yoyo out through the loop
-drop everything and stick out your left forefinger (it should catch one string)
-let the yoyo swing in the same direction and land it on the string farthest away for you
-pinch the strings with your right thumb and forefinger
-swing the yoyo counterclockwise (the pinch should create a cool slack loop following the yoyo)
-catch the slack as it comes around with your forefinger
7. dismount and hook your left forefinger with the string over it
8. kinda twist your hand backwards (this should cause a slack loop to form from the back)
9. catch the yoyo in the slack loop (it should form a green triangle)
10. suicide the green triangle (throw under your right hand counterclockwise and catch it again)
11. pop out the front, dismount, and bind

Good Luck