Router Table Angle Cutting Jig

Introduction: Router Table Angle Cutting Jig

After I made my table saw tapering jig yesterday, I tried to use it on my router table. While it did work, it was inconvenient changing the adjuster around all the time so I make one for my router table. I am making a shotgun foregrip and need to make exact angles so the barrel will fit and this is what I came up with. I can pull the pin from 1 hinge and put into the other so my angle doesn't change, just the direction of cut.

Step 1: I Used

2- 1×4×12 maple, 1 3/4×3/4×2 piece for the foot, 2 1 1/2" hinges with removable pins, 2 L brackets, 6" of 1/4" threaded rod, 4 nuts, 2 flat washers and 2 lock washers.

Step 2: The Build

Rather than go through the whole process, it is almost the same as my table saw taper jig. This is maple so I predrilled everything so it wouldn't crack. I put 1 hinge on each end close to the top and measured to center for the adjuster. I had to drill out one hole on the L brackets for the rod and trimmed the other side (small hole) so the bracket wouldn't stick out past the edge of the board.

Step 3: Making the Cut

This is just a piece of scrap I used for testing. I made 1 pass, pulled the pin and put in the other end to swing the jig and made the second pass. If the adjuster is in the center of the jig, the angle shouldn't change at all.

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