Royal Family Card Trick

Introduction: Royal Family Card Trick

This is the first card trick I ever did. It's very easy. Have fun!


Deck of Cards

Step 1: Make a Line

Make a line of 1 of each royalty card

Step 2: Repeat

Repeat 3 times

Step 3: Squish Into Stacks

Make each line into one stack (Making sure they're all in the same order)

Step 4: Put All Stacks Into 1 Stack

Step 5: Cut the Deck

Turn over deck and cut 3-4 times

Step 6: Layout Cards

Making sure the deck is face down, place cards down HORIZONTALLY. THE TRICK WILL NOT WORK IF YOU DO COLUNM BY COLUNM.

Step 7: Flip Cards Over

Now the trick is finished have fun!

Step 8:

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