Introduction: Rubber Band Bracelets

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I noticed bracelets are very popular on instructables, here ya go!


  • Rubber bands
  • Connectors
  • Rubber band hook or crocheting needle

Step 1: Loop the Bottom Loops on Top of the Finger It Is On

Make the rubber bands appear as in Fig.1 (there's some problem w/ it so click it) , then loop the bottom loops on top of the finger it is on as shown.

Step 2: Put on Another One, and Do It Again!

Repeat until desired length achieved.

Step 3: Another Method Is to Do the Same With 3 Bands.

Step 4: Another Method Is to Wrap One on the Hook 4 Times and Hook 2 Bands.

Then pull it over the 2 bands!

Step 5: Next, Put What You Made on the Hook

Then add 2 bands to the hook, and repeat until desired length achieved.