Rubber Band Gun Cardboard




Introduction: Rubber Band Gun Cardboard

Hello instructables world welcome to my new rubber band gun. It can be made out of cardboard, though I extremely prefer wood. I only use cardboard because I have probably the worst handsaw in the world and I only have Thick wood

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials: Cardboard screw Hot glue gun or tape. I don't have hot glue so I use masking tape. Tools: Scissors or box cutter or exacto knife Pencil Ruler Blueprint for the gun you will be making.

Step 2: Tracing Parts on Cardboard

Draw something as close to the blueprint as perfect asyou can and make it life size then cut it out.trace all the parts on cardboard. Cut 2 of the whole gun bodies and 3 of the rest. And cut them out.

Step 3: Poking Hole for Trigger.

Poke a hole as close to the area shown as you can . Align the two gun bodies over each other and poke a hole for the trigger then align the 3 triggers overreach other and align them as in the blue print and poke a hole in them

Step 4: Taping Parts Together.

All the smaller parts that you cut 3 of , tape them together as shown so you have 3 packets of 3 parts. Just don't get tape over the trigger hole in the trigger or you won't see the hole. Tape the parts on one gun body as shown Now put on the other body piece and tape it and your done.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Just put a rubber band at the notch in the front and pull it back until you reach the other notch near the end. Press the trigger and notice something pops up through the notch. That thing is a part of the trigger. When it pops up. Watch the rubber band fly and then push it down once again.

Step 6: Accessories

You add details, spraying black, or anything. Once you understand how the trigger in this gun works, you can add it to any gun you see! Cya when I get anew idea for a rubber band gun that is semi auto I hope Enjoy your new gun.

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