Rubber Band Gun MINI

Introduction: Rubber Band Gun MINI

About: I'm a guy from Hungary. Musician, amateur astronomer, DIY-fan, airplane-fan, etc. My hobbies are important for me. In my home country the DIY-concept is an old tradition, so I became a fan in my early years.

Well a rubber band gun again. Nothing special, but this is a very small one. If you have tired of the normal size RBG-s, it's time to construct some miniaturized series made of special parts.
When I have seen those mini rubber band packs first, which are so popular today at the girls who knit bracelets and other things from them, I have already known I make a RBG for them.

And, becauseI found also these small wooden clips before - I can't imagine what they are for - I had to combine them soon, and the project was ready in my head. A mini rubber band gun with a mini clip to shoot mini rubber (or silicone) band.

Let's start it!

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make this weapon you need a small jigsaw, some glue for wooden parts, sandpaper, a pencil to draw on the wooden sheet, and the wooden sheet itself, the clips and a pack of this silicone rubber band.

The main material can be plywood, but I prefer the poplar, which is available on the vegetable-markets, being the material of the vegetable holder boxes and crates, so you can equip a full army with a smaller box which contained cucumber or apple before, if you found it at the garbage:-) And this wood is very cuttable, light, its colour is nice white, and its thick size is perfect for this task, so I recommend you to look around on the veggie-market for it.

Step 2: Cutting, Grinding, Gluing

First design some shapes; I made a colt, some modern and an ancient ones, and a rifle for the fun. But if you want, you can design UZI, Kalashnikov, Mauser, Beretta or any other shapes.

The effective lenght of the "tube" is the lenght pulled rubber band, and there is a short diagonal surface for the clip. It's useful, if its lenght fits to the clip's.
Now cut the shapes, and grind them on the sandpaper.

When ready, you should make a small cut on the front of the gun tube to fix the rubber band when "load" the gun. And after it glue the clip onto the diagonal surface, and this is the all.

Step 3: Finishing

I didn't varnish the surface, because the poplar is very smooth and white, its natural look is good for me. But you can, if you make them from mahoganny, oak or cypress;-)
Make a lot of them, it is good for vengeance, duel, some harder blackmail, terrorism, world war, robbery and murder, but - if you aren't so cruel, you can use them for aiming shoots, as I do:-)

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    5 years ago

    pretty cool I was wanting to use up a bit of wood instead of a jigsaw I used a scroll saw


    7 years ago on Introduction

    These are really nice! They look pretty simple to make too. Thanks!